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Left Lane Cruiser

Left Lane Cruiser
Rock Them Back To Hell

September 29, 2013

Recently, RUST Magazine had the chance to catch up with Joe Evans (Freddy J IV) and Brenn Beck of Left Lane Cruiser for a really fast photo shoot and chat. Their new album Rock Them Back To Hell delivers dangerous raucous rock with a mix of steel belt machinery and southern hard liquor. This power duo demolishes the rules and grabs you by the throat and shakes you until you submit. Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana Left Lane Cruiser brings the heavy sound of middle America and stripped-down jams that are as tough and sharp as a midwest pool hustler’s gaze.

Being here in Atlanta, we always ask touring bands if they are Walking Dead fans because there are so many great photo locations from the show, and the bridge and warehouse featured in episodes 1 and 2 are regular spots for us to shoot. Though we didn’t have time to go there for this shoot, that question really hit home with the guys. “Oh we are HUGE Walking Dead fans!” said Brenn “We actually watched a bunch of episodes on the way down here because we knew we were coming to Atlanta and we wanted to get in the vibe.”

“Yeah, the Walking Dead is our number one favorite show, period. It’s just gotten so good and keeps getting better” said Joe “and actually it was a big thing with us while we were making the album. We would watch shows to get ready before recording and we really thought about making music that would work for the show.”

“A couple of the songs are actually songs we made in the hopes of getting them on the show” said Brenn “So maybe someone at AMC will hear them and call us.”

Down and dirty rock fans don’t have to wait until the next season of the Walking Dead to check out this band. Their album Rock Them Back To Hell is out now and the band is regularly touring. They’re on Alive Natural Sound records which has a great roster, so they’re in good company with stage-wreckers like John The Conqueror, Hollis Brown and Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires. So if you’re looking for a zombie apocalypse soundtrack, or just some straight-up tough rock, Left Lane Cruiser’s Rock Them Back To Hell is the album for you. Very Highly Recommended.


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